Short Stories

All stories are available upon request

as writing samples or for publication.




The Slimman


Penny Lee Takes Flight


Terry Kicks Ass and Takes Names


Mohammed, My Friend


A Trip to Jolly’s


The Frets


If We Never Met



All screenplays are available upon request as

writing samples or for production:


The Tragical History of Hamlet,

Princess of Denmark - feature film

A post-apocalyptic retelling of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Mad Max meets Shakespeare. A gender-flipped fantasy that

takes place in a world where only the powerful have water

and who runs that world? Girls.


Sweet Science -  hour long television pilot

Jo O’Shea, a recently divorced trophy wife and her six-year-old

autistic daughter must acclimate to their new life living above

and running the crappy boxing gym, Sweet Science, her estranged,

now deceased father, willed her. With a mountain of debt to the

new “Winter Hill Gang” breathing down her neck,

Jo’s got to make a life and a living.


Vessels - 2 hour television pilot

Rookie Clandestine Operative, Emily Battle has one thing to lose…

absolutely nothing, which is why Charlotte Devareaux,

Director of a CIA deep cover division, known for rogue

missions governed by, but not protected by the

United States, has offered Emily a job that she can’t quit.

Haunted by her past and seeing the faces of the dead all

around her, Emily begins to question her mission,

who she is and if she really is on the right team.

"This book is a masterpiece of modern day/contemporary fiction that will have all readers wanting to discuss this book long after reading the final page." Amie's Book Reviews

"Like a more straightforward Chuck Palahniuk."


"This story sticks to you."


Heinz Spec Spot

Mel Barrett - Writer|Director|Editor