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"The most compelling fiction exposes our darkness—as individuals, and as a culture—especially when we're not prepared to see it. In Viral, M.A. Barrett has achieved an incisive (and horrifyingly relevant) social commentary that is also a terrifically gripping read. It's a nasty messed-up world out there and Scarlet Battell has done some downright messed-up things, so it's proof of Barrett's skill that you're still rooting for Scar on every page. You can't look away—this novel is unputdownable."
Camille DeAngelis, author of
Bones and All and Boy From Tomorrow

"This book is a masterpiece of modern day/contemporary fiction that will have all readers wanting to discuss this book long after reading the final page."

Amie's Book Reviews

"Like a more straightforward Chuck Palahniuk."